Origins of the town Barcino

Origins of the town Barcino

The origins of the town of Barcino are somewhat confusing. Before the Roman conquest, they have been able to determine the existence of Neolithic peoples Iberians and even a small Greek settlement, although it is unknown location.

As with almost any puzzle without stirring, they have also been created legends that speak about the origin of Barcelona. More specifically, two legends.

One talks about Hercules and the attribution is made on the foundation of the city. In that version, Hercules, after the fourth job, joins the Argonauts led by Jason in search of the Golden Fleece, crossing the Mediterranean with nine ships. A storm dispersed the fleet near the Catalan coast, but get regrouped all but one ship. Jason instructs Hercules search the ninth ship. He found the wreck of the Barca Nona (ninth) next to a hill (Montjuic). A crew liked them so much the place with the help of Hercules and Hermes founded a city with the name of Barca Nona, Barcanona.

The legend of the Carthaginian origin grants to Amílcar Barca, father of Hannibal, the foundation of the city, towards the 230 a. C. with the name of Barkenon, Barcelino or Barci Nova in relation to their lineage.


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