It is a rocky massif traditionally considered the most important and significant mountain in Catalonia, 50km northwest of Barcelona. On this mountain the sanctuary and Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, dedicated to the Virgin stands Montserrat.massis-montserrat

The word “Mont” means mountain and “serrat” sawed in Catalan. Such name is given because of its peculiar morphology, which looks as if it had tried to saw.

The whimsical shapes of the most emblematic mountain of Catalonia are the result of a geological and geomorphological process of millions of years.

The differential water erosion acting on materials of different strength and composition work facilitated multiple cracks, has led to its relief so distinctive and magical, with needles, valleys, baumas and caves, Montserrat shows magnificently today.


As good Mediterranean mountain, forest of oak and durillo occupy much of the territory, and although it seems a barren mountain, is a variety of vegetation once we get into it, especially in shady areas and inland valleys, where the bushes and creepers wetter carecterísticas colonize the basement of the oak forests.


The monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery in Montserrat mountain, at an altitude of 720m above sea level. It is a symbol for Catalonia and has become a point of pilgrimage for believers and a must for tourists.

Among the different actions developed in Montserrat highlights the Escolania, which is one of the choirs singing children oldest in Europe.


Also is the Virgin of moreneta, the patron saint of Catalonia. According to legend, the first image of the Virgin of Montserrat found it shepherds children in 880. After seeing a light in the mountain, the children found the image of the Virgin inside a cave. Upon hearing the news, the bishop of Manresa tried to transfer the image to this city, but the transfer was impossible since the statue was too heavy. The bishop interpreted it as the desire of the Virgin to remain in the place where they had found and ordered the construction of the chapel of Santa Maria, origin of the present monastery.

From Hostal Fontanella we encourage you to visit Montserrat, do not hesitate to ask information.

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