Catalana Cusine

Catalana Cusine

The Catalan cuisine is part of the Mediterranean diet Catalan cuisine has provided a range of dishes that are known in different parts of the world. Most of these dishes are rural. Because of its orographic extension gastronomy it offers a variety of ingredients in their recipes, which include products of the mountain, the garden and the sea, making use mainly olive oil, lard, garlic, onions, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, rice, vegetables, herbs and composition of assorted pastries.

One of the best known dietary habits of Catalonia is the Pa amb tomàquet.


The sauce is a basic complement to many Catalan dishes since centuries these outstanding recipes with garlic sauce, sofrito, samfaina, chopped, romesco or accompanying ñoras mainly.

In Barcelona we find a more cosmopolitan cuisine, where dishes made with grilled vegetables, bread with tomato or panellets predominate.

Some dishes of Catalonia are:fricando-amb-moixernons

  • As starters the Bunyols of Bacallà, cargols llauna, various meats such as sausage or salami Vic.
  • As first courses: Escudella and carn d’olla, very typical Christmas soup. spring onions, is a type of onion cooked on the grill. cannelloni, mashed, esqueixada, spinach Catalan.
  • As main courses: You meatballs with cuttlefish, veal with mushrooms, fricassee with muxernons, cap i pota.


Sweet Catalans are exquisite products for the palate where desserts are like the famous Catalan cream, mel i mato (a typical cheese with honey), the pa pessic (a type of cake) or carquinyols (a typical sweet Catalonia with almonds). Catalan cream


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