The Easter

The Easter

The Pasqua is a terme religiós that proceeds from the llatí páscae, and aquest prové of the grec paskha format from the Hebrew feetakh (which means “pas”). In the Western cultural context, the Pasqua represents an important religious festival with the celebration of the arrival of spring.

The Pasqua is a period of joy and joy for Christians who celebrate that Jesus Christ has resurrected and will now celebrate the arrival of the bon temps and the renewal of nature after the hivern. The religious festival of the Pasqua Florida is celebrated diumenge, dilluns and dimarts of Pasqua am a great profusió d’aplecs, pancaritats i romiatges. The subtraction of these events includes a series of celebrations which exalt the vegetable element, a fan of the fecundity of abundance, and express the need for protection.

To Catalunya, the country of the temps has canviat forces the traditions that are celebrated durant this time of l’any, però face is fan caramelles, enramades, romeries and aplecs that announce the return of the bon temps. The most traded tradition is that of Pasqua, the principal decorative element of the mona i symbol of life and fertility.

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