tribute “als castellers”

tribute “als castellers”

“Els castells “is a typically Catalan tradition that, as you probably know, is about making human towers. Its origins go back to the seventeenth century and seems to have come from a Valencian dance. But it is not until the year 1770 that you have documentation of the first castell in the town of l’Arboç. From there, the “castells”, built by the “castellers”, evolved as we know them today.

In Plaça Sant Miquel, playing Plaça Sant Jaume, there is a monument dedicated to the castellers, by Antoni Llena i Font. Stainless steel grows in pyramidal form simulating a castell that wants to touch the sky. This monument, which measures about thirty meters high, was a cause of protest in the neighborhood at the time of its inauguration in February 2012.

Now the tribute “als castellers” looks modern, without leaving the passerby indifferent.

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