Saint John’s Eve

Have you ever heard of “San Juan” or Saint John’s Eve? It is a festival of pagan origin that is celebrated on June 23: it is the eve of the day of San Juan Bautista, in which are often lit bonfires or fires. The origin of this custom is associated with celebrations celebrating the arrival of the summer solstice, June 21 in the northern hemisphere, whose main ritual is to light a bonfire. The purpose of this rite was to “give more strength to the sun”, which from those days was becoming “weak” – the days are getting shorter until the winter solstice. Symbolically, the fire also has a “purifying” function in the people who contemplated it. It is not only celebrated in Spain but also in many parts of Europe, such as Portugal (Jonsok), Denmark (Sankthans), Sweden (Midsommar), Finland (Juhannus), Estonia (Jaanipäev) and Kingdom United Kingdom (Midsummer). Hostal fontanella offers you the best rooms to enjoy this holiday in one of the best cities in the world: Barcelona.

The Christian feast of Saint John is celebrated on June 24, six months before the eve of Jesus’ birth, which is December 24. These six months are the difference that the Gospels indicate between the two births. However, three days apart from both dates with both solstices makes it unreasonable to assign this feast to the solstice, and scholars are inclined to the fact that December 25, the birth of Jesus, is most reasonably associated with the celebration Jewish Hanukkah or dedication of the Temple (Jesus was the new Temple for Christians). According to this reasoning, the feast of St. John would have nothing to do with the pagan celebrations of the summer solstice. A difference of 3 days is too much scope for astronomical knowledge of any time we consider. In Latin America, in northeastern Argentina, Brazil (has Festas Juninas), Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, the night of San Juan is also related to ancient traditions and Spanish legends like the Legend Of the Encantada.

In many places there is no doubt that the present celebrations have a direct connection with the celebrations of antiquity linked to the summer solstice, influenced by pre-Christian rites or simply linked to the cycles of nature. However, in other places (eg Spain and Portugal) the existence of a link between the summer solstice celebrations (in the northern hemisphere) that takes place on 20-21 June and the celebrations of St. John’s Day ( June 24) vary according to dates, discontinuity in the celebration, traditions and customs, etc. In spite of this, there are common elements, such as the making of bonfires in the streets and squares of towns where family and friends meet.

Sònar 2017

Sónar, the most important electronic music festival in Spain and possibly in Europe, celebrates its 24th edition, which is divided between the two venues of Fira Barcelona: Feria Montjuïc (Sónar de Dia) and Fira Gran Vía (Sónar de Noche) from 15 to 17 June , Also offering an exclusive day for professionals on Wednesday, June 14, prior to the start of the festival. For a perfect holiday during the Sónar Festival, Hostal fontanella offers you the best rooms in one of the most famous cities in the world, in Barcelona.

Among the more than 150 performances scheduled include the French duo Justice, called the current French house, which will present their new audiovisual show on the occasion of the group’s latest album, ‘Woman’ (2016). Also will be head of absolute poster Nicolas Jaar, the consenting child of the electronics that also will act in direct; The spectacular live-act of Moderat, the group formed by Modeselektor and Apparat; The dance of veteran Eric Prydz; And the absolute kings of American hip hop, De La Soul, who will present their first album live in 10 years.

Also present is Anderson Paak, the new sensation of the current black music, nominated to two Grammys by his celebrated disc ‘Malibú’, that will present live accompanied by its band The Free Nationals; The unclassifiable musician and producer Arca, who has chosen Sónar as the only festival in the world to present his new work live; Will return also DJ Shadow, that reappears after 6 years without publishing album, combining in a visual concert; The Belgians Soulwax, band of the brothers Dewaele (2manydjs) presenting in a format of seven musicians (with three batteries) its new disc after more than a decade.

The Sónar will exclusively present the debut in Europe of the new project of the revered Carl Craig, Versus Synthesizer Ensemble, which includes a group of high level musicians, which will also be the pianist Francesco Tristano; The composer Nico Muhly will visit the festival inside the showcase of the Icelandic Sealant Bedroom Community to celebrate its 10th anniversary; The new Evian Christ, Clark, Vitalic and Little Dragon releases and world class selector sets such as Daphni & Hunee, Jon Hopkins, Prins Thomas or Seth Troxler & Tiga, which will feature a 6-hour set marathon in the circular and enveloping Stage SonarCar released last year.

In this Sónar will also be space for the techno without concessions of Nina Kraviz; The renovated and fresh house of The Black Madonna; The advanced hip hop of Clams Casino; A double show (on SónarVillage Friday and on SonarPub Saturday) by Fat Freddy’s; Cashmere Cat’s lucid pop; Or the melodic tech-house of Damian Lazarus. As for the most experimental part stands out the innovative technological and audiovisual show of the American producer Nosaj Thing with the Japanese Daito Manabe; The Asturian LCC presenting new album; The concert of Forest Swords; Or GAIKA, one of the most powerful artists coming from the prolific London scene.

In addition, the new trends in music from the internet will also have a great presence in this edition with the sets of Stook Sound or Nadia Rose, new representatives of British urban music, The Los Angeles Soulection Group; The new MC Tommy Cash, authentic mass phenomenon; And the National Trap of the Bad Kinder ancestor & Skinny Pimp. The latest news is that the Icelandic artist Björk inaugurates this year’s edition of Sónar with one of its very exclusive and very exclusive DJ sets! He will do so at the SonarHall of the Fira MontjuÏc in a performance for which a separate ticket is required for the festival subscription.

Families are not excluded with the recent addition of Sónar Kids. Activities are run from LEGO stores, musically enhanced skate parks (with a ramp connected to a synthesizer so that each track produces sound, instructors are on site), and full immersion in the scene, where children learn about the Technology that helps a show (including visual elements, instruments and microphones).

The Montserrat Classic Express

For a perfect holiday, Hostal Fontanella offers you the best rooms in one of the most famous cities in the world, in Barcelona.

For those who want to get to know Catalonia better and travel in the area, we have a new offer! The Montserrat Classic Express is the new historic train from Montserrat whose line was recently inaugurated. This is a new proposal of the Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya that will unite the population of Sant Boi de Llobregat (on the outskirts of Barcelona) with the magic mountain of Montserrat in a modernist historical train. On this occasion, this historic train from Montserrat is named Montserrat Classic Express 1890 and has a maximum capacity of 157 seats in 4 historic cars recovered and restored for the occasion with 4 cars designed in noble woods. The stationmaster, dressed in vintage, as well as several stewardesses, also arranged in the fashion of the beginning of the last century. It is a theatrical route.

A first stop at the Martorell train station, within a few minutes, allows a quick visit to the Museum of Steam located in the terminal itself. At this stop, also, a small tasting of typical Catalan traditional products is served, such as the famous carquinyolis, seasoned with a sweet wine, Malvasía de Sitges. The following station is already the population of Monistrol de Montserrat, located at the foot of the mountain. This is where the transfer to the not less historic, although modern, Tren Cremallera de Montserrat is carried out. It is time to enjoy the Montserrat Mountain!

Whoever wants can enter the Basilica of Montserrat in order to show their respect to the Black Virgin, the Moreneta, the most beloved of the Catalan virgins, a true national symbol. You can also visit the Museum of Montserrat and even take the Funicular to enjoy beautiful views of the monastery from the top of the mountain. As you return to the train you will be surprised that the wagon tables have been conveniently stopped to enjoy a lunch.

In fact, the Montserrat Classic Express also tries to become a gastronomic experience so that during the return to the station of origin a lunch consisting of kilometer zero products is served. It is a proposal of Catalan products, all delicious, marinated with Catalan wines and cavas and that could not end without the famous slaughter of Montserrat, a cottage cheese that represents a true culinary institution. This is a simple but appetizing lunch and a good time for travelers to relax during the final miles of the Montserrat Classic Express.

Montserrat’s historic train is just starting to work, but the initial proposal is to take the route between Sant Boi de Llobregat and Montserrat every Wednesday and Sunday. It is a personalized service and with prices in line with the offer. There are 2 rates:

Rate A: € 130, Wagons C117, C103 and C31.
Price B: 80 €, Wagon C36.

Both rates include Montserrat’s historic train journey, snacks and drinks during the Martorell stop and the round trip with the Montserrat rack. In addition, rate A includes gastronomic lunch service on the return of the Montserrat Classic Express. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona and enjoy your best summer proposals with Hostal Fontanella. Spend a few days in the city staying in our rooms that we have for the center of the city.

Summer nights in la Pedrera

Luxury summer nights in La Pedrera allow you to enjoy the most essential of Antoni Gaudí, visiting the Gaudí Space and rooftop listening to live jazz outdoors, accompanied by a glass of cava. The sessions take place from mid-June to early September, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. These are 36 sessions with 12 different concerts. This edition presents a series of concerts with the most representative talent of the young jazz made in Barcelona.

For 14 years, summer nights in La Pedrera are lived in a very special way. This year, La Pedrera will be renewed betting on the bright and effervescent jazz scene of Barcelona. The youngest and most projected musicians of the city will offer concerts of the highest level representing all aspects of jazz. You will have a live soundtrack to enjoy an unbeatable summer night from the roof of the modernist building!

Like last year, you can make a free visit to the Gaudí Space of La Pedrera, a visual tour of the work of the unique architect. The visit to the space will be followed by a glass on the roof of the modernist building and the musical proposal of the night. A total of 12 jazz groups formed by young talents will spend this summer on the roof of La Pedrera, from June 9 to September 9.

The price is for the session is 30 €, the hours are from 20:30 to 22:30. Here is the final program:

9 and 10 June, Susana Sheiman & Duccio Bertini – A Day In Barcelona
16 and 17 June, Albert Bover & Horacio Fumero
June 23 and 24, Smack Dab
June 30 and July 1, The Black Barbies – Wet Dreams
7 and 8 July, Marco Mezquida & Fèlix Rossy
14 and 15 July, Pol Omedes with Strings Mallorca
21 and 22 of July, Underpool 5
28 and 29 of July, Jose Carra Verso
4th and 5th of August, Mayte Alguacil Trio feat. Enrique Oliver
August 11 and 12, Guillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías Feat. Jorge Rossy
August 18 and 19, Outerspace
25 and 26 August, Martín Leiton Quartet
1 and 2 of September, Sofia Ribeiro Quartet
8 and 9 September, Michael Olivera Quartet

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona and enjoy your best summer proposals with Hostal fontanella. Spend a few days in the city staying in our rooms in the center of the city.

The Castel nights

Summer has already begun and the outdoor shows begin! The Castle of Montjuïc in Barcelona summons this month of June, during three Fridays, the Nights in the Castle. Three occasions to enjoy cabaret and music shows, taste the culinary delights of the kitchen trucks on wheels in the courtyard and enjoy the night views of the city from the Castle Terrace. The castle will open its doors at 8:00 p.m. so that those who want to be able to settle in, visit the site, enjoy the sights and attend the show, which will begin at 9:00 p.m. For a perfect holiday, Hostal Fontanella offers you the best rooms in one of the most famous cities in the world, Barcelona.

The June programming is as follows:

The cabaret of Kiku Mistu.

“The last cabaré” by Kiku Mistu, the 9th day show, which is today, is a multidisciplinary installation presided over by 12 coffins, converted into everyday objects. It is not an exposition of fear, if not the other way around. It wants to be a reflection on death in which we want to break the taboo that rules over it. The spectators are invited to go through an interactive itinerary in which they experience in the first person the poetic, utilitarian and transcendent dimension of each of the coffins-objects. It is presented as “a show that heals” in which the cabaret serves to honor death, accepting it as something intrinsic to the human being.

Soul with “The Excitements”.

The June sessions at the Castle of Montjuïc will be closed on the 16th with the concert of “The Excitements”, the soul group that triumphs throughout Europe. He has three recorded LPs and has been able to delight black music lovers thanks to the extraordinary voice of Koko-Jean Davis and the expertise of his musicians: Adrià Gual, Daniel Segura, Albert Greenlight, Luis Garrido, Nico Rodríguez Jauregui and Jordi Blanch. An extremely classic image group, with a direct of great power, that wants to recover the purity of Wilson Pickett, Etta James or Tina Turner.

But here it does not end at all! The following month, the Castle of Montjuïc presents the cycle Tardes de Julio. During Sundays 02, 09, 16 and 23 July from 7pm to 10pm all those who come to the Castle can enjoy an afternoon of good music, overlooking the sea and relax in a luxurious environment. Concerts of jazz, bossanova, dixieland and soul will be responsible for making these July evenings pleasant, welcoming and special. The activity and access to the Castle of Montjuïc are free from 3 pm on Sundays. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona and enjoy your best summer proposals with Hostal Fontanella.

Primavera Sound 2017

The purest reflection of the current sound map

Almost two hundred names fit the staff of Primavera Sound for the seventeenth installment of the festival in Barcelona, ​​whose central days will take place from Wednesday May 31 to Sunday June 4, 2017 in its two main sites.

The Parc del Fòrum venue will host as usual the bulk of the program, while the Raval district repeats itself as the headquarters of the increasingly attractive free offer in the city center.

A daring poster marked with the inimitable Primavera Sound label that is the purest reflection of the current sound map, at the same time that positions the festival as a cultural reference worldwide and reinforces its inescapable commitment to the history of modern music.

The visionary and exceptional artist Frank Ocean, the British The xx with his awaited new album under the arm, Bon Iver examining the themes of his recent “22, A Million”, the electronic magic of Aphex Twin, the Canadians led by Win Butler and Régine Chassagne Arcade Fire, the masters of the extreme metal Slayer, the great icon Grace Jones, the star of R & B Solange and the myth of Norman Van Morrison are the names that shine on a high-flying sign.



Monday May 29: Jeremy Jay · The Wave Pictures

Tuesday May 30: After Sex Cigarettes · Les Sueques · Let’s Eat Grandma

Wednesday 31 May: 7 Notes 7 Colors · Anímic · Elmini · Formation · Gordi · Kate Tempest · Local Natives · Marc Piñol · No Zu · Withdrawal! · Saint Etienne · The Wedding Present


Sunday June 4: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) · Alien Tango · Barbott · Dave P. · Japandroids · Julie Doiron · Lvl Up · The Make-Up · Mannequin Pussy · Maresme · Marta Delmont · Medal · Doll · Murdoc · The Mystery Lights · Ocellot · Odina · PAVVLA · Shellac · Sleaford Mods · The Waterparties

More information: www.primaverasound.es

La Pedrera

The last lay building of Antoni Gaudí, Casa Milà (popularly known as La Pedrera) has no straight line. It is a daring feat of architecture and the culmination of the architect’s experimental attempts to recreate natural forms with bricks and a mortar (in addition to pottery and bottles of broken cava, which is called trencadis). It is a World Heritage Site and has a marine air through entangled balconies, seaweed gates, sea foam ceilings and interior courtyards as blue as a mermaid’s cave.

When it was finished, in 1912, it was a work so modern for its time that the woman who financed it, Roser Segimon, became the laughingstock of the city. Santiago Rusiñol said, on the undulating facade, that a snake would be a domestic animal more than adequate for the owners of the building. Even so, La Pedrera has become one of the most beloved buildings in Barcelona and the architects adore it for its extraordinary structure: there is no master wall and the wide and asymmetrical windows of the facade get a lot of natural light.

There are three exhibition spaces. The art gallery on the first floor houses a good diversity of artists. The space above offers a better appreciation of Gaudí: you can visit a modernist apartment rebuilt on the fourth floor, with the bedroom suite of Gaspar Homar. The attic, framed by parabolic arches worthy of a Gothic cathedral, houses a museum about the career of Gaudí. The best thing is that you can walk on the roof of the building between chimneys covered with trencadís and whose top recreates a medieval knight’s helmet, hence the poet Pere Gimferrer call it ‘the garden of the warriors’.

Cafe del Mar in Barcelona

Everyone knows the famous Café del Mar

The luxury place of Ibiza, where every year come millions of people from all over the world! The new Café del Mar opens today, May 27, is among all the locals that the chain has spread throughout the world, the largest! The new offer has 4,000 m² spread over four floors, in addition to a very special complement, an exclusive boat with capacity for 350 passengers that will serve for small celebrations on the high seas.

The new Café del Mar in Barcelona, ​​the largest venue that the brand ibicenca will have worldwide, and the first as a club concept will open doors 7 days a week, until October. There will be a partner club, terrace, pool area, bar, restaurant, and of course music and fun, will be some of the many things that the new Café del Mar will offer its users. All this under the seal of the sunset, the star of the club. From midnight, the venue will offer a few hours of luxury night club, until before 6 in the morning

The Cafe del Mar already exists in lounge-restaurant mode at Maremagnum, and now two more spaces have been added.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona and enjoy it better with Hostal fontanella. Spend a few days in the city staying in our wonderful rooms that we have in the center of the city.

Santa Maria del Mar

It is one of the most emblematic and representative examples of Catalan Gothic art. This charming basilica stands out for its characteristic horizontal lines, flat surfaces, square buttresses and flat octagonal towers. The great unity of his style is because it was built quite quickly, in only 55 years, from 1329 to 1384.

It receives the name of Maria, patron saint of the sailors, and was built in the place where there used to be a small church known as Maria d’Arenys because of its proximity to the sea.

In its large interior, with only one nave, perfectly proportioned columns are raised in fan vaults, creating a sense of space around the light altar. There are also wonderful stained glass windows, especially the 15th-century rosette that sits above the front door, although the original window fell during an earthquake. The current one was added in 1997, as a late celebration of the Olympic Games.

Boqueria Market

The market of San José (in Catalan Mercat de Sant Josep), popularly known as La Boqueria (in Catalan La Boqueria), is a municipal market located on the Rambla of Barcelona (Spain). Besides being a place where you can buy all kinds of fresh produce, it is also a tourist attraction.

It has an area of ​​2583 m² with more 300 seats offering a wide variety of local and exotic products, both private buyers and restorers of the city. It is the largest market in Catalonia, the most varied in food supply and also the most visited by tourists.

The market was inaugurated in 1840, but its origins are outdoors, outside the gates of the old city, on the esplanade of the Pla de la Boqueria, where street vendors and farmers from nearby villages and farms were set up to sell Its products, before the city left its first walls. This market was made outside the walls of the city to save the goods entrance tax.

The current metal roofing was inaugurated in 1914. The last architectural modification of the market was in the year 2000, and at the moment another one is prepared that will affect mainly the place of the Gardunya.5 Over the years, it has become the market Emblematic of all of Barcelona. The collective of vendors, the structure and market situation make it a must-see for tourists and tourists alike.

There are more and more establishments in the market run by immigrants, which include specialties from Japan, Italy, Greece or the Arab countries.