Catalonia in Miniature

Catalonia in Miniature

It is a miniature park located in Torrellas de Llobregat, Located 17km from Barcelona. It was opened in 1983 and is the largest of the 14 miniature reproduction parks in Europe and the largest in the world. It has 147 models of buildings in Catalonia, Mallorca and works by Antoni Gaudí.


The idea to create the park was born after a trip of Fernando de Ercilla Ayestarán to the Dutch park of Madurodam, which gathers models of buildings of that country. The management of the project of Catalunya in Miniatura began in 1981 and the first stone was placed on May 6, 1983 by the then president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol.

In June 1985 Nicolau Casaus, vice president of the F.C. Barcelona, ​​placed the first stone of the model of the Camp Nou and the Miniestadi.

The park’s director, Fernando Ercilla, inaugurated in 2008 a scale reproduction of the ski resort of Port del Comte, in a giant model that happened to be the biggest of all exposed in the park.

Spend a family day visiting Catalunya in Miniatura! A space where you will find the only scale circuit of Catalunya declared of National Tourist Interest. An exhibition created to introduce the whole family to the most representative monuments and buildings of the Catalan lands.

Look at the details of the Sagrada Familia or La Pedrera like never before, rekon in the famous steps of the Cathedral of Girona or take a number of photos with the statue of Columbus or the Camp Nou. In short, it walks by this circuit of models to scale, declared of National Tourist Interest.

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