Saint George

Saint George

Long ago, a terrible dragon frightened the inhabitants of a small village of Catalonia called Montblanc. The dragon wreaked havoc on the population and devoured the grass animals of the village.

To quell the wrath of the dragon, the inhabitants decided that each day they would sacrifice a person, chosen by lot, and offered as a sign of goodwill.

But one day it was the king’s daughter to be the sacrifice. When the dragon was to devour it, a beautiful knight appeared to face the beast. It was Saint George, who nailed his spear, and out of the blood of the dragon rose a rose bush of red roses.

His was a disinterested and courageous gesture that changed the history of the town and gave birth to our legend, since, since then, in Catalonia it is customary to give a rose to the loved one. Saint George, patron of Catalonia since the 19th century, became a symbol of the Catalan territory with the Renaixença, a political and cultural movement that regained Catalan identity.

Saint George is culture, flowers, love and citizen participation. And in the same way, Barcelona, ​​an open, inclusive and participative city, is Saint George. No party unites Barcelona and Barcelona with their city like this day. This marvelous city dresses in roses and books and breathes a family atmosphere and with much love.

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