Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar

It is one of the most emblematic and representative examples of Catalan Gothic art. This charming basilica stands out for its characteristic horizontal lines, flat surfaces, square buttresses and flat octagonal towers. The great unity of his style is because it was built quite quickly, in only 55 years, from 1329 to 1384.

It receives the name of Maria, patron saint of the sailors, and was built in the place where there used to be a small church known as Maria d’Arenys because of its proximity to the sea.

In its large interior, with only one nave, perfectly proportioned columns are raised in fan vaults, creating a sense of space around the light altar. There are also wonderful stained glass windows, especially the 15th-century rosette that sits above the front door, although the original window fell during an earthquake. The current one was added in 1997, as a late celebration of the Olympic Games.

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